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Top Questions

Payment & Security

For us there is nothing more important than ensuring that your project runs smoothly from start to finish. Therefore we follow some simple but defined rules on how we run our projects ensuring that every client feels safe when working with us. A satisfied customer is the most important thing for us and therefore we want to cover you from the start to the finish. If you feel that at any point your project is not under control, contact our customer service immediately.

Pre-Pay Guarantee System

Our payment system is setup in a pre-pay working flow. With this setup we ensure total security of the payments for both the client and the professional. The funds are held by Povio since the beginning of the project, the professional has a guaranteed payment for his work. The client is expected to pay only for the work completed, after the review of the engineer's work.

Deposit the funds in Povio

Deposit the funds with Povio.

Funds are held in an escrow account

Funds are held in an escrow account while the professional works on the project.

Release of the funds

When the project owner receives the deliverables, they trigger the release of the funds.

Which parts of the project are protected?

We can only review parts that have not been marked as completed by a client or product owner. We kindly ask you to be aware when you confirm a certain phase or deliverable as completed since we cannot reimburse you the money for it after that. Please note that any work completed or invoiced outside of the Povio platform is not covered under our project protection.

Why does Povio charge a service fee?

We include a service fee with every project we do, so that we can make sure that payment, work security, transactions and all the operational costs are up and running for you 24/7. We will have our customer support fully available prior, during and after the project.